Wednesday, October 15, 2008


To tell u the truth I'm a smoker though I'm not addicted to it but I do need it a day.

Well the place where i go to have my Cig is also a real kool place since Ive made many friends over there esp the owner of the pan n beedi stall.

The topic of my discussion is the Owner.

Well most of my friends come take a packet give their share of money n move along. Sometimes we do take credit for the Cigs. Sometimes whenever we don't have cash we clear the debit after sometime.
But nowadays the amount of Credit has become so much that the owner doesn't have enough money to make up for the expenses for getting extra needed packets.

To tell u the truth i also have around 100 bucks to pay him back. Not only me but some of the other ppl also have more than 500+ bucks to pay him but the prob is tat we give the remaining cash after a long time.
This doesn't give him enough time to pay for his rent n all.
Nowadays whenever i go there i also sometimes increase my account by 3-4 bucks...though i give him the cash back after few days.

But looking at his condition when he sits in his stall i feel really pathetic...i feel bad for myself..i feel that this world is full of tension, there's no way out of it...1 goes away n another comes after it.

The owner has his family to support...has got a real cute daughter whos arnd 6yrs old. But he doesn't show his pain to his family. He himself has started to Fag more than usual.
He pays up for the expenses through his own money which he should spend it for his family.
I think he hardly saves any money in this condition.

Sitting at his place having a Cig whenever there is no customer. Always in a deep trance.

Think hes not the Only guy who into this problem of money!!

There must b 100's of other ppl with the same probz.
I once again wish that if i had Absolute power i would want to solve the worlds prob including The owner not coz i get my cigs from him but as an individual i would want to help him.
t is not becoz i get my cigs frm him its becoz over the yrs hes become a friend to me.

A person who Ive known for more than 3yrs. Sitting in the same place giving the customer want he wants either a pan or a cig.

Sometimes looking at him i feel guilty. I don't know y.

Its like sometimes i feel i should solve my own problems 1st rather than looking into others problems.

BUT THIS PROBLEM IS REGARDING A FRIEND OF MINE, i once again think i need absolute power over here...sometimes i feel MONEY IS THE WAY OF ABSOLUTE POWER.




Hitesh said...

not entirely(As if m sum angel in heaven)...lolzz...dis world is ....mad behind moneyyy....IT IS SUPREMEM POWER 2days world.....TOATALLY AGREEe,,,but ITS AN ARGUMENT...cant write loadz...its truely an argument....(if u run behind money nd leav every1 behind ,,, den wid whom do u njoy..)...C its an argument ..hey

dia said...

money is a dse dyzz itzz been given a lot of importance..importance mre den nythin, is powerful..ohhh itzz d absolute power... bt d trick is wich way u wnt 2 go money,money n mre money... or money,happines,satisfaction n a simpl yet a lovin life..
d choice is urs... n m glad dt ur choice is rite....hope u succeed in dt way...[:)]