Monday, May 13, 2013

He wasn't worth...

There are many things that I express in this blog and most of the times I blog under a state of depression and anxiety. I really wished that the movie 'Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind' were true and part of reality. The events in that movie run parallel within my life. If only there could be a way in which I could remove the fondest memories of my life and replace them fake memories, but at the end of the day, memories are just a state of the mind that cannot be controlled.

She was the best and worst thing to him,
The eyes of a seductress,
A touch of eastern beauty,
An angel fallen from heaven,
The most divine,
Worshiping her would only prove fatal,
She's faced a million hurdles, 
And he was just half of her problems.

She will be loved,
She will be hated,
But you just cannot ignore her.
She will drive you crazy,
With her words,
Her hair,
Her sublime presence in this world.
His love for her in a million folds,
Still, he does...

She moved on,
He couldn't,
She wanted more,
And he wasn't good enough..
In times of her toughest days,
He flew all the way, just to support her,
She wanted love,
She wanted comfort,
She wanted someone to be with her,
He couldn't give her much,
He wasn't worth...

He showered her with gifts,
But nothing is enough,
It was invaluable for her,
She wanted more,
She wanted something better,
She wants love,
She wants happiness,
She wanted him,
But he was never there,
He wasn't worth...

He wished things could get better,
She didn't love him anymore,
But he truly loved her,
How can one stop loving someone all of a sudden?

They still talk,
They still chat,
They still message,
But it doesn't feel the same,
She's moved on,
He's still moving on,
He wants her to be happy,
He wants her to keep laughing,
He wants her to stay strong,
Still... He wasn't worth.

If only he could understand, that some memories are better off forgotten.
Because.. It isn't worth it.