Monday, August 17, 2009


Forgive me father,
For I have sinned,
Ever imagined a world,
That we live in,
Isn’t real?

Questioning our existence,
I believe our existence is unreal,
The subject of life and death,
Seems far fetched once we think about it,
Are we alive or are we dead?

What if this world we live in,
Is just a dream?
Or it’s just a memory of the past?
Maybe we are dead,
Maybe we are just lost souls floating in this world,
And this world is just a place we souls imagine we live in.

The human mind has the tendency to believe in something that ensures happiness and satisfaction rather than to cause fear.

For e.g. People believe in love and people believe in love at first sight;
People believe in lust also, but people won’t believe in lust at first sight.
Well if you think about it,
It’s always lust at first sight because people actually have the fear of accepting it. People think lust is negative emotion and love is a positive emotion filled with happiness and joy.

Another example,

Let’s take the phase of life and death. Why do people think life is such a happy occasion and death is filled with sadness and sorrow?

Life and death are just two different words with the same internal meaning. It’s like taking two different worlds in a parallel universe. For one world’s death is another world’s life and vice versa. But for both the worlds it holds the same meaning.

Sometimes I also wonder about these two words; fate & destiny. Some people may believe in it and some may not. Others may just have a quiet opinion about it. Well if you think about it fate and destiny, they have the same function like life and death but have a different meaning.
These two words are just a script handed down to one’s body, mind and soul. You have no control over your life because you are just a puppet of someone who has a higher power.
Being a rebel doesn’t make a difference since it’s already written in that script which you are carrying around your entire life.
Your every body movement, judgments, decisions, thinking, perception, communication, work, likes, dislikes, beliefs, you name it, the reason for your existence is written in that script.

One’s life is just a live-film and you are the lead character. In a world of a population of over 2 billion, hasn’t anyone realized that you are the main character of your life?

We seem to live in a world built with fear,
A world that doesn’t seem to accept the real from the unreal,
A world where reality’s acceptance is one’s fear,
The world is changing,
Around two or three decades back, every movie seemed to have a happy ending,
Also some of the greatest movies have inspired people for a long time,
But some contemporary movies haven’t had the best of mankind.

Our world has grown in the name of fear,
It has motivated and built itself with the help of fear.
Electricity, food, medicines and communication etc- what if only country or one nation has it?
Fear would strike other nations and with the help of that fear, it slowly learns to create their own marvels.

Many people would think is the “crazy” talk, or this is non-sense. I may not have any evidence to my thesis but in my defense I would just ask people to think about your existence. Some people may seem to ignore this fact, which proves my first point and that is the fear of accepting which is unreal or something which brings about a negative feeling inside a person.
Everything happens for a reason, but some things are just planned and you would have no option to just follow that path.