Friday, March 22, 2013

Dominoes Season 1 Episode 8


I've never been a very social person, not very talkative and quite moody at times... Actually I wasn't like this at all. As a young lad, I was quiet talkative and hyperactive. Was it the young blood inside me or was it the boost of all the chocolates that drove me hyper?

Umm... One of the cons of having a very bad memory is that you wouldn't remember anything from your past until someone from your past tells you or gives you a subtle hint.

Anyways, I wonder why I've changed and what happened? Somehow I thought it was the switch in cities. After a long time in the city of Muscat, my parents and I shifted base to Mumbai. Was it the environment, new friends... a new home?

I don't know why my subconscious mind underwent with all these changes?

Since the time I've come here, I've always sensed a hint of loneliness from this place. Maybe it was the aura or the pungent stink of garbage that flows here every morning at my house, my new home. But this home, this new city, is one of the best cities one can ever live in!

I've had some great times in this city but also I've had the other half too. I guess every teenager goes through a time of self knowledge in some point of their lives. You learn some, you gain some and you lose some. You might end up choosing the wrong side but you also have a choice to make. You may choose the wrong choice but still end up having another chance of a choice. Wtf is that all about??!?

But what's important is how you lose some. I'm sure no one likes to lose. To lose something or having lost something most valuable might either shatter your heart or it can be the best thing that's ever happened to you.

Simple words from an average person...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dominoes Season 1


It's been two years since I wrote a blog post. A lots of memories to share, a lot of problems to solve and a lot of memories to think about. From the looks of it you must be thinking that its going to be a long 'emo' post. (Well, Yes! You can't expect me to give you a synopsis of my life that hasn't been easy).

So I've made it easier for you to understand it. Have you seen any American/British Drama Shows? (Yeah, obviously you have!!)

If you have read my earlier posts then you may have a slight idea about me. For those who don't know me I would start by saying, "My name is Domino". I know Domino doesn't sound as an Indian name because its not. My real name is Dominic. I'm just fascinated by the "Domino Effect". So I usually call myself Domino. (oh you don't know what domino effect is?)

"The domino effect is a chain reaction that occurs when a small change causes a similar change nearby, which then causes another similar change, and so on in linear sequence."

And with this, my life's based pretty much over a simple domino effect.

Events of these episodes takes place in a cities of Mumbai and Muscat.

Episode 1

December 2009, after an amazing New Years I got myself working in Social Media. I wondered how people earned money by just sitting on Facebook and Twitter. (Yeah I know! It's the best job in the world right now...!).

Meanwhile my love life wasn't going very well, and I hate to admit this but I was cheating :(

I'm a Social Media addict, I started of with Orkut which was like "The biggest blockbuster of the Internet" and then Facebook just took over Orkut like a steamroller. I was also fascinated about the art & skill of chatting and Internet dating. I was a curious teenager back then and i still am. Social Networking made a weird sense to me. Well as a teen your also curious about Sex. (so if you mix sugar and spice you'll get something really nice right?)

Yes it DID!!!!

One fine day, I randomly added a beautiful gal over Facebook. Her name was Kate. We connected instantly and exchanged phone numbers. It was quite surprising since we were complete strangers before this. I guess, the reason we connected was because she knew me from my school days. Apparently Kate and I were from the same school and she was my junior back then. I could hardly recognize her but with a sharp memory and attention to small details, she could just describe the past easily and what I did in those good old school days.

I love hearing stories from the past (I have a weak memory for the past so.......yeah). 

So we started dating soon and everything was going great... until the Domino Effect was initiated. (argh! i made one bad mistake okay....!!)

Before I go any further I'll tell you something about my College Days.

Episode 2

After Junior College, I pursued Advertising in my Senior College, so I decided to choose Bachelors in Mass Media (BMM) which included to Advertising and Journalism.
(I come from a science background and had no interest pursuing in medicine or engineering).

Advertising seemed a more reasonable and safe choice because I wasn't sure if I made the right choice (It was the best choice I ever made!!!)

In fact, my first year of BMM wasn't very memorable.

In those days I got mixed up with some bad crowd. One of them was Archie. As an adolescent teen you wouldn't know the decisions you make without self-realization. There comes a time in a person's life when you got to choose sides. (Imagine yourself standing between Heaven and Hell.....yeah I picture it like that).

On the first day of my first year Senior College, I see my ex-gf Chloe from Junior College studying in the same class with me. It brought back memories of those days and it was the only relationship in which I just blew my fuse in front of a woman and she almost got herself to a verge of crying.
(Not very proud of it, as I had a bad temper and I really liked her but I had a very good reason for it which I mentioned in my earlier blog posts. Okay!! fine if I'll tell you, she cheated on me with my best friend and she couldn't even tell me that honestly.)

So coming back to that first day in Senior College, I was like surprised. But then I asked myself why's she here? There's a reason for everything and as I thought for a while I came down to a conclusion that I have to apologize for my rude behavior and reconcile.

So I did that. 

I said, "Chloe, I'm really really sorry! I am ashamed of my actions, and I am asking for your forgiveness. I shouldn't have raised my voice at you and it was just rude and loud....." She looked at me with surprise and she forgave me somehow. (I think she curses me from her sleep) :0

Few days later I come to know she's dating my friends best friend - Archie!

We all met together for some drinks and I was kinda surprised that she drank whiskey. (that's what happens in a gap of 3-4 months, things change quicker than expected). So I became friends with these guys and we went together to unexplored cities of Mumbai here n there occasionally.

So moving on further... 

At first, I was in good terms with Archie, but since the time he stole Chloe away from me I really wanted to kick his ass. But all's fair in love and war. (touché buddy touché!)

Archie came from an culturally influenced Hindu family, an animal lover and a profound flirt. (I still dislike him somehow).

I kinda forgave him for what he did (which was behind my back) and he had an evil presence. He carried a bad aura around him. I don't know how I got into the dark side. (yeah Star Wars type, kinda feel like he's Darth Vadar with a dildo as his light saber. Oh why the dildo? It's because he was a horny Johnny).

Archie did teach me a few things here and there, especially exploring the most weirdest and dark places in town. (It was like I visited the alleys of another realm). He taught me and showed me how to be street smart. (I didn't steal from anyone and I'm not a con).

We had some good times together but somehow it all had to come to an end. Just like a Domino effect.

Episode 3

My Senior college class mates were all new to each other they formed small groups affiliations and I felt that I didn't belong to any group. So I chose a group outside my circle. (You know I'm trying to tell you that it ultimately led me to choose the bad crowd because of a small issue which happened 4 years back right?)

I pushed myself away from the Archie and his gang slowly, avoiding their calls, not meeting them, just few b'day messages, Hi's and Festival Wishes.

Over sometime, I found friendship within the BMM guys and gals. I buried the hatchet and closed the past chapters. I guess that's because of this one fat dude called Bob who was a new student in the second year. We used to call him Crazy Bob because he was funny and he had this good spiritual energy around him. He actually brought us together.

We went to resorts, outings, new towns of Mumbai together. Those were good times to remember.(Always will be)

I remember once we staying over after college, the group playing the guitar, there were these college events and I saw this beautiful slim girl with wicked eyebrows and mysterious eyes and I was like WOW... Who is she?? She was gorgeous and I instantly fell in love with her! 

Episode 4

So moving on to the second and third years of my Senior college which were like a beginning of the Golden Period. I'll always cherish those days.

I asked around and I overheard a conversation from the juniors nearby, they were talking about her n they said "Bro, don't even think about it, she's hardcore in love with someone else." My heart was shattered but up for the challenge!! (felt so motivated!)

Well after the whole Junior college episodes, I decided I'll treat a woman with respect and I made these small subconscious rules.

One of the rules is "NOT TO PURSUE WHAT'S ALREADY BAKING" (I know that didn't make sense, I meant not to go after someone else's gal. Plus I didn't even know her name at that point. Only thing I remembered were those mysterious eyes!).

So I looked away and I got into one memorable relationship with Zoey, the super-smart woman who is now happily married to a really handsome bloke. Oh and they also have a baby!! I'm really happy for them. (I'll discuss Zoey some other time)

Episode 5


The gal from my school days Kate, all grown up to be this beautiful woman. I really liked her and I really wanted to be in a serious relationship with her.

We went on many dates, movies and drinks, causal intimacy here & there. (Hey relax I won't say anything beyond this, I understand its private so relax).

The social networking bug had already seized my head and I was into online dating. One fine day I found that mysterious gal from Senior College on Facebook. (I was like yay!!!)

So I just sent her a Facebook friends request. (She added me!! I was so happy!! After almost 2 years I get to add her!!) I could recognize her by just her profile picture. Oh her names Norah.

I looked at her status and it said "in a relationship" and I was like "It's cool" just wanna talk to her and all.....(yeah I that sounded like whaaaaa?)

I waited for her to come online... almost a week later she finally replies.

Soon we began to chat online... Shortly Norah and I exchanged phone numbers. I wanted to meet her, I wanted to know her better. She didn't know that I was dating until I told her that my beautiful relationship with Kate was going sour.

I spoke of a white lie. I wanted Norah more... (I broke another rule "Never cheat or lie to the one you in a relationship with).

I had to end my relationship with Kate. I wanted her to break up with me. I was just being being naive and I wasn't being truthful to myself and to her. I couldn't treat her rudely also. I wanted to escape this relationship and begin a new one.  I couldn't be with Kate because I've been cheating. (She deserved better)

Episode 6

I got a job which was just a 15 min walk from my place (awesome !!!) Working as a Social Media Marketer, I was going great, my office was nearby, had a great romantic life (with Norah). I was  enjoying my golden period. Norah and I were going on so many dates and I really loved spending time with her. But we never actually got to spend much time together. (We dated for almost 2 years and we went on like just 5-10 dates).

Yes, I know it was hardly anytime together. People kept telling me that you guys look great together and all... I was like yeah she's the "love of my life!"

I was happy.

Happier than ever....

Working in Social Media can be quite cramping up because your always at one place and your world is mostly in one cubicle. (kinda got sick of it) but the other thing that bothered me was that Norah was quite nagging and kept telling me that I never spend time with her. (Norah was absolutely right)

I started spending more time with friends from school, Junior & Senior college and I just wanted to spend time with them.

One of my very close friend 'Crazy Bob' from Senior College days shifted to a Doha to earn BIG and was asked me to come work in his company as a Graphic Designer and since I had few skills in that area I decided to go...

I wanted to come out of that box so much! It was my golden ticket to earn BIG.

My focus shifted to my relationship, I couldn't handle long distance, I was really happy on what I have than what I wanted more. (Dominoes falling...)

It was a good opportunity but I had no idea whats coming next.....

Episode 7

The Domino Effect can last for seconds, days and even years. The chain reaction doesn't stop...

Early 2009, Internet was booming and Social Media Networking was the main course of a Sunday meal. Currently, there are around 1.6 billion (citation needed) Facebook users around the world compared to just 31 million (citation needed) in 2009. (Yeah that's a Big Bang).

Nowadays not many people would prefer Internet Dating because it's a different game. (who knows?!? There must be a sweaty fat guy on the other side of the screen pretending to a busty woman looking for some fun...)

So clearly you can understand it isn't a good idea to date some stranger online.

(Well, not in my case. Most of my flings were online based)

During a point of time Facebook was getting too messed up with new games, invitations to play online games... (it was becoming Orkut in someways) and having like around 300+ friends on your Facebook profile you would get like around 1000 invitations per day for various games that you have no time for...

So I immediately switched to Twitter, which was simple, easy and neat. By now I have around 60,000 tweets already. (I talk/bitch/nag/complain a lot..... Don't be fooled.. my Social Meter is strong).

A few weeks of Twitter brought me some interesting followers, and interesting woman. (I know it took me a while to get to the damn point :) )

Julia, beautiful 'gal next door' (She was from another city *sigh*), she had a very deep dark secret following her.

We exchanged numbers and often we spoke to each other over the phone. Everyday, hours after hours, We spoke about random stuff, love, relationships, movies, food, traveling.... (Yeah a full digital "Chance Pe Dance").

I wanted to meet her in person but she was quiet skeptical in meeting some stranger from Twitter. We preferred to keep our relationship open. We dated other people too (people from outside the Internet) So I continued to flirt with her which led to a lot of naughty stuff online (well she was into kinky stuff).

I won't go any further. I hope you know some creepy stuff happens online. (It's not a myth)

Anyways, Julia had to complete her Final year in college and somehow even I got bored with all the online dating because I really wanted to date someone in person until I met Kate.

It never ends well with long distance relationships. (Spoiler alert: Even Norah felt the same).

Meanwhile I was having an online relationship with Julia while I was still dating Kate. (Arey! No one gets serious in an online relationship).

I did tell Julia about me going out with Kate. At first I thought she would be okay about it. (why do i have to be always be honest about everything??). Like most women, she didn't take it well though we defined our relationship to be open. Sometimes emotions can get the better of u.

We haven't spoken to each other since then. I kinda wish I never made that decision by being completely honest her.

Did you really expect me to stop the story here?

Well all I know now is that she's traveling the world and she's become some kind of spiritual wanderer. (at times even I feel I should so the same thing).

Honesty is a double edged sword. It can either save your life or destroy it in a second.

The Domino Effect still continues....

(Episode 8 coming soon)