Friday, March 22, 2013

Dominoes Season 1 Episode 8


I've never been a very social person, not very talkative and quite moody at times... Actually I wasn't like this at all. As a young lad, I was quiet talkative and hyperactive. Was it the young blood inside me or was it the boost of all the chocolates that drove me hyper?

Umm... One of the cons of having a very bad memory is that you wouldn't remember anything from your past until someone from your past tells you or gives you a subtle hint.

Anyways, I wonder why I've changed and what happened? Somehow I thought it was the switch in cities. After a long time in the city of Muscat, my parents and I shifted base to Mumbai. Was it the environment, new friends... a new home?

I don't know why my subconscious mind underwent with all these changes?

Since the time I've come here, I've always sensed a hint of loneliness from this place. Maybe it was the aura or the pungent stink of garbage that flows here every morning at my house, my new home. But this home, this new city, is one of the best cities one can ever live in!

I've had some great times in this city but also I've had the other half too. I guess every teenager goes through a time of self knowledge in some point of their lives. You learn some, you gain some and you lose some. You might end up choosing the wrong side but you also have a choice to make. You may choose the wrong choice but still end up having another chance of a choice. Wtf is that all about??!?

But what's important is how you lose some. I'm sure no one likes to lose. To lose something or having lost something most valuable might either shatter your heart or it can be the best thing that's ever happened to you.

Simple words from an average person...

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