Saturday, January 31, 2009


Never knew how this would turn out to be,
One word with such a small meaning,
Has a huge depth in it,
Wish I could just change everything,
Wish we could still remain the same,
Some things are meant to be forgotten,
But somethings are always meant to be remembered,
The good old times we had,
Cannot be forgotten easily,
The happiest days of my life,
Comes to an end,
But every end has a beginning,
Leading to another paradise,
Leading to another adventure,
Let's restart,
Moving on is the only option,
Accepted it,
Never would repeat it again,
Sorry for being a bad person,
Sorry for questioning every word,
Sorry for ever hurting you,
Sorry for not understanding you,
Sorry My friends,
That's the only word I can say.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hey Princess Listen......

Hey Princess Listen,
Loyal am I,
Worthy I Always am,
We are so alike,
Why don’t you notice?
We are so similar,
Why don’t you perceive?
Caring for you is so hard,
Making you Smile is so very easy,
I don’t know why?
I would always give you the last smile…

Hey Princess Listen,
What’s behind those hazel eyes?
Is that Happiness?
Or is that pain?
Figured it out the 1st time I saw you with these average eyes,
I couldn’t see either one of them,
A lost soul searching for answers,
Needed someone to give her those answers,
She laughs,
Forcing her happiness to glow,
Smiled her way for nothing to show.

Hey Princess Listen,
I may not be the perfect one,
I may not be the most desired one,
I can be the most loving one,
I can be the most caring one,
I can be the most committed one,
Hey! I’m not done,
I may not impress you with honey,
I may not impress you with money,
I would surely keep caring & loving you for the rest of my eternity,
I would rather impress you with this verse,
I would rather impress you with these expressions.

Hey Princess Listen,
I would fight for you,
I would die for you,
I would love you,
I would laugh with you,
And I would cry with you,
Would struggle for your happiness,
Would never endure any sadness…

Hey Princess Listen,
Come with me,
Come sit besides me,
In this magic carpet ride,
Let’s fly higher,
Let’s play with the stars,
Let’s mock the moon,
Let’s never look down,
My words gush through saying;
My princess,
Understanding you is something I shall always do,
Bringing that beautiful smile is something I shall always do,
Keeping you happy is something I shall always strive,
Never allowing you to cry is something I shall never try,
A girl like you is all I want,
Shower you in a bed of roses,
Chocolates of finest class,
Only one this I ask for,
Commitment is all I need,
Never really loved a woman so much,
Never really respected someone so much,
Never shall I leave you for anyone.
Whatever the odds,
Whatever the differences,
If a million are against us,
You would still be beautiful to me!

Hey Princess Listen,
Don’t leave now,
We still have time,
I still haven’t made you mine,
I just showed you the sky,
Now watch the dance of water & earth,
The love they have for each other,
Lasting for so many millenniums,
Ever heard the elemental love song?
I could never know what they say?
Only thing I could see,
The warmth and calmness they have for each other.

Hey Princess Listen,
Please see this Connection,
Its will all my emotion,
Things would be difficult to adjust,
But I know we can get through,
It would always be me and you,
Just keep holding on,
See what’s right,
May be I wont be the best,
Nor the better than the rest,
But I know my love for you,
Is always above the rest….

Hey Princess Listen to my last,
If you ever leave,
I would be right here waiting,
Don’t think everyday,
Don’t think all the time,
I am the one for your entire lifetime.

Friday, January 23, 2009

I Don't Know Why....

I don't know why but i cried alot today thinking of the one thing I truly want in my life,
I don't know why but i cried alot today thinking that money is the supreme divine,

I don't know why but i cried alot today thinking that why do I suffer the pain all the time, Why am I so Vulnerable all the time ?

I don't know why but i cried alot today thinking that i can never tell her my true feelings for the entire lifetime,

I don't know why but i cried alot today thinking that she could never be mine,

I don't know why but i cried alot today thinking that why life always lie?

I don't know why but i cried alot today thinking that I've got all the reasons to die,

I don't know why but I actually smiled thinking this is the time to say Goodbye.........

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Love, Friendship and Money...

I just can't seem to understand Love, Friendship and Money...

The problem is the co existence with these 3 things...

Some people just become friends with another person just because he/she has money.
Some people become friends just because he/she has good contacts with gals/guys or some hot chicks or some handsome men.

Friendship is sometimes really funny n annoying at the same time..
You are spending time with friends/close friends but at the same time devoting equal time with people who just spend hardcore cash or have gals roaming around their tails.

Is this the real meaning of friendship?

Just because a person has money in their pockets, just because a person is of some use in the future, can this person ever become a close friend of yours?

Then why hang around or devote your entire time with this person? Is money that important?
But actually every person would want to hang out with a rich person or a person who Party's all the time n spends his cash without any hesitation. I would also do the same thing but I wouldn't just spend cash on few one or 2 people rather I would party harder than this person with many more other close friends of mine just to show off my POWER.

Friends sometimes cannot help you in certain situations but Money can?

So am I rating Money over friendship ?

Well let's check out another situation..

Money attracts Attention.

Not everyone is born n fed with a silver spoon in their mouth. People slog of their asses just to earn a thing called Money. Money for me has never been very important. But certain situations, circumstances, events has made money so fucking important, its really hard to let go of it that easily.

If I had earned money & wanted to spend the entire hard earned cash, I wouldn't just spend it with one or 2 people rather spend it with people whom I hang out with all the time, like people whom I've shared my happiest moments with, or people whom I know for a longer period of time.

Money attracts Women too. I've seen money can revolve women in any direction. It's like you would see more number of cats in a fish market than dogs. Some women say money isn't that important and other bullshit. But all that glitters is gold in the mind of a women, in order to buy that gold.... we require money isn't it ?

I'm sure if I had hardcore cash, Women would easily be roaming around me not thinking of how I look or How fat my tummy is ?

Thus Money Attracts Attention.


Basically Love sucks !

I can't seem to date any gal. Why?

Because I don't have the fucking money for a date. I just can't go dutch all the time. If I'm asking a gal out for the nth time, There comes a point when asking a gal out, (its kinda like this stupid chivalry) where the guy pays for everything. Can't blame chivalry but its Human Nature I guess.

But You know what? If I had money, No matter how bad I looked....Women would be asking me for dates. *sighs*

So when you don't have the fucking money don't try to ask a gal out on a date. It would make you look stupid and annoy you most of the times !

The point what I'm trying to make over here is that...

For me looking at this selfish heartless worthless World....the most important thing after getting over with your teenage hood is earn MONEY.

Money is absolute Power. Money makes the world go around. Money attracts Attention. Money is life.

I hate to admit Money is everything and how it's defined as the supreme divine power but this is a world where this thing called money makes the world go around and it's people also.

I really don't know who came up with "Money isn't everything", it's a fucking crap....I think that person is GOD.

So basically Money tops friendship n Love in my case......

Monday, January 19, 2009

Kill Me...Love Me

Kill Me for my pride,
Wanted to touch the endless skies,
Kept on flying high,
Realized my wings were just wax,
Melted as I reached the Heat,
Kept falling like Icarus,
Kept falling like Lucifer,
But never seemed to reach the Earth....

Kill Me for my lust,
A woman once said,
You treat a woman like rust,
With this I Lost all the her trust,
Welcome my 20s,
Never became serious,
Never knew what love is,
Fear of losing love,
Fear of Never having love,
As the Only thing in my mind was lust...

Kill me for my Envy,
Never had this,
Never had that,
Seeing the happiness of others,
Seeing the joys of others,
So annoyed can I be,
Rip off my eyes,
Sew them with the barbwire,
Let them bleed till every crimson vein cries,
Becoming a blind soul in the midst of envy dies....

Kill me for this Wrath,
Always Felt this immense pain,
To kill a soul,
Which Dried me Insane,
Sticks n Stones may break my bones,
My wrath shall break my very soul,
Hate,Anger, Rage felt for this Soul,
Revenge is my only goal,
But Kill me since I'm a heartless Soul...

Kill me for this Sloth,
Over the years,
Became quiet Slow,
Sharp person was I,
Had a goal,
Never knew what it was now,
Never had an even mind,
Most of was with filled with Sadness,
Depressed all the time,
Writing this stupid poem with sadness and despair,
Finding peace,
Can never be fulfilled in this Life...

Kill me for this Greed,
Never Stopped Asking for more,
As a child,
Or as an Adult,
Never Stopped asking for more,
Money Money Money,
Just like a Bee who needs to make Honey,
Until the big black bear comes to get that Liquid Gold,
Kill me for this greed,
So that i can ask for no more....

Kill me for this Gluttony,
Hog like a pig,
Hog like a bastard,
Hunger go wild,
Eat my Soul you Son of Bitch,
Consume this worthless Soul,
Devour this piece of Garbage,
Like a Fly,
Keep annoying this Sad Soul,
Kill this Soul with Your endless hunger,

Kill me Lucifer for my Pride,
Kill me Asmodeus for my Lust,
Kill me Leviathan for my Envy,
Kill me Amon for my Wrath,
Kill me Belphegor for my Sloth,
Kill me Mammon for my Greed,
Kill me Beelzebub for my Gluttony....

Kill me Demons of Hell,
Take this Soul as a gift,
Keep this soul as a souvenir,
Laugh at it,
Slaughter it,
Butcher it,
Have a royal Carnage out of it,
But before you take this reward,
Confessions is all I ask for,
One day,
Would Confess everything,
And tell that one soul,
I can Sell my soul to the Devil,
Just to get You,
My Sweet Angel,

Keeping you under my shadows,
Hiding your White Silver Wings,
From demons of the earth,
Nobody to know,
An Angel with me all the time,

Tell you once,
Before I die,
Love you so much,
Cant explain How much,
Happiness you shall find,
Laughter all the time,
With me around,
I shall Love you all the time,

Walk with me in the hardest time,
Understand me in the toughest time,
I can't seem to live without you,
Can't seem to forget you,
You're body's like wonderland,
Endless Fantasies,
Never coming out of reality,
That's why your so precious to me,
I would always love you,
Only you all the time,
My Sweet Angel....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lust is My Deadliest Sin !


Discover Your Sins - Click Here

Lust (or lechery) is an inordinate craving for coitus often to the point of assuming a self-indulgent, and sometimes violent character. Lust, or an immoderate desire for the flesh of another (outside of matrimony), is considered a sin, or impure act. Lust can also refer to a consistent sexual desire for another person without harbouring any romantic feelings for them.

One of the most powerful sins, and yes I totally agree that this is 1 of most prominent deadly sin of mine.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tears from Afterlife

Tears, to see the father bury his own offspring;
Tears, to see the mother cry;
Tears, friends pass by;
No friends stood by;
Tears, foes laugh;
Deep inside tears laugh of misery;
Tears, the rain gods cry;
Tears see their hero pass away;
Ashes rise, tears dry
Simply to see the tears,
Of my Afterlife.

These tears I cry not seen,
These tears too diluted to fall.
These are my tears,
Tears of afterlife.
It exists,
Beyond the walls of good
My afterlife...