Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hey Princess Listen......

Hey Princess Listen,
Loyal am I,
Worthy I Always am,
We are so alike,
Why don’t you notice?
We are so similar,
Why don’t you perceive?
Caring for you is so hard,
Making you Smile is so very easy,
I don’t know why?
I would always give you the last smile…

Hey Princess Listen,
What’s behind those hazel eyes?
Is that Happiness?
Or is that pain?
Figured it out the 1st time I saw you with these average eyes,
I couldn’t see either one of them,
A lost soul searching for answers,
Needed someone to give her those answers,
She laughs,
Forcing her happiness to glow,
Smiled her way for nothing to show.

Hey Princess Listen,
I may not be the perfect one,
I may not be the most desired one,
I can be the most loving one,
I can be the most caring one,
I can be the most committed one,
Hey! I’m not done,
I may not impress you with honey,
I may not impress you with money,
I would surely keep caring & loving you for the rest of my eternity,
I would rather impress you with this verse,
I would rather impress you with these expressions.

Hey Princess Listen,
I would fight for you,
I would die for you,
I would love you,
I would laugh with you,
And I would cry with you,
Would struggle for your happiness,
Would never endure any sadness…

Hey Princess Listen,
Come with me,
Come sit besides me,
In this magic carpet ride,
Let’s fly higher,
Let’s play with the stars,
Let’s mock the moon,
Let’s never look down,
My words gush through saying;
My princess,
Understanding you is something I shall always do,
Bringing that beautiful smile is something I shall always do,
Keeping you happy is something I shall always strive,
Never allowing you to cry is something I shall never try,
A girl like you is all I want,
Shower you in a bed of roses,
Chocolates of finest class,
Only one this I ask for,
Commitment is all I need,
Never really loved a woman so much,
Never really respected someone so much,
Never shall I leave you for anyone.
Whatever the odds,
Whatever the differences,
If a million are against us,
You would still be beautiful to me!

Hey Princess Listen,
Don’t leave now,
We still have time,
I still haven’t made you mine,
I just showed you the sky,
Now watch the dance of water & earth,
The love they have for each other,
Lasting for so many millenniums,
Ever heard the elemental love song?
I could never know what they say?
Only thing I could see,
The warmth and calmness they have for each other.

Hey Princess Listen,
Please see this Connection,
Its will all my emotion,
Things would be difficult to adjust,
But I know we can get through,
It would always be me and you,
Just keep holding on,
See what’s right,
May be I wont be the best,
Nor the better than the rest,
But I know my love for you,
Is always above the rest….

Hey Princess Listen to my last,
If you ever leave,
I would be right here waiting,
Don’t think everyday,
Don’t think all the time,
I am the one for your entire lifetime.


hope**** said...'ve been writing real mushy stuff lately....ahm...whose the girl>>??lol...

Rajashree said...

the best way to confess your love, there cannot be a truer way!
love it!

Mukta said...

Its GR8. without a girlfriend (as u claim) this s the result i wonder what ll u when u get one. Hmm ;-)

Dctr_Penumbra said...

It's good. man. I liked the rhythm in the first stanza, but it seems to disappear as i go on.

surbhi said...

omg. u writes so well. it has touched mah soul.. buh whos da gal. dese words aren,t 4 waste. lol

Nick Mitra said...

Thank you all :)