Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Strangest Moments of My Past

There are some things in my Life where I want to relive particular incidents, and in time have lost many thoughts of those special people.

1. To be really honest with you guys, My first fight was with a gal (her name was Priyanka) and she was 17 yrs and I was just 11 yrs old. I have no idea what the argument was all about but it became so violent that she punched me on my lips and I ended up having bloody lips.
In a fit of rage, I aimed to punch her face but somehow I knocked her Breasts! (Thus came the height difference since I was really short).

That was the 1st time, I ever touched a woman's breasts! (completely unintentional).

But that was just an accident. Now I actually remember how much I loved fighting with this gal since the punch from this girl was really good and I really did enjoy the fist fights inside the school bus.
I have no idea where she is and what is she doing these days? But I really miss this "tomboy" woman and I hope you still remember me.

2. It was the International Children's Theater Film Festival 2002, and for the 1st time I had to dance a Waltz with this beautiful gal who was from Cambridge. Well, I really had fun dancing the waltz with this gal since she was the reason I wanted to learn the waltz and it was fun when we danced live in front of around 9 to 10 cameras aiming at you.

I was shit scared and I was as so pale in front of the cameras (as if She was dancing with a ghost). At the end of the dance, she comes to me, she laughs and says to me, "Nick, I'm waiting for the next dance".

I really miss the waltz n hope if she reads this, I would want to dance the Waltz once again with her. But I just can't remember her NAME !!!!!