Friday, May 8, 2009

Kill me Sane World

Life seems so monotonous,
Versatility where are you?
Where the hell are you?
I've been waiting for a Change all my life,
Life's like a song,
Sometime it's Life Rocks,
Sometime it's Life Sucks,
But... that's "Life".

I need something different,
Bored with the same old daily routine from pathetic life,
Is that life?
Social, Personal, Professionals,  None of these - a happiness.
Then what is Life?

Some say Life is a blessing bestowed upon us by the Holy One,
Some say Life is a way of living,
Some say Nothing,
But for me,
Life is seems like a mysterious curse,
We are born as pure souls of that live in this impure world,
Some see this through but others just choose to ignore,
The world we live upon is Hell,
We become tormented souls by the darkness of this world,
This is the world we live in,
A world of filled with endless insanity.

People believe in God,
People believe in the Almighty
People believe in the Holy One,
I don't believe...

Every devoted person submit their souls to the almighty,
That's a life's fear,
I don't wont my life to be controlled by an external power,
I want to control my life,
I want to control my destiny,
And I want to control my Fate,
No one Controls my life.

But my life's just beginning,
So many things to do,
So many things to see,
So many things to feel,
So many things to taste,
So many things to smell,
So many things to experience.

At times I wonder,
Where would I be in 20 or 30 years from now?
Where would this crazy insane person be?
Whether I would still be alive?
Or whether I would be dead?
Would Life control me?
Or Whether I would Control my life?

Love is Life,
Life isn't Life,
But since I don't have either of them,
What's the use of Love and Life?
If there isn't any Love,
There's no hate,
If there's no life,
There's no death,
So the conclusion here is,
No love, No life,
No hate, No death...

So I can't die nor can i live?

So again I draw another conclusion,
I'm just existing,
Existing without Love or Life, Death or Hate.
In this hell,
The only thing that would defy my existence,
Would be Me,
A clutter of anger, desperation, jealousy,
Clogged in this sane mind,
Kill me sane world,
Let me Rust in Peace!