Monday, February 15, 2010

Life post BMM

I graduated from Patkar College Bachelors in Mass Media (BMM) during April 2009.
During that time I was in the mode of completing my graduation and never have I looked past that degree. I was living a dream during that point of time, never to study anything after the degree. I wanted to work in some really good company so that I can have a good work experience which I already achieved. I worked for an event management company called No Bars in Pune after my final exams. It was a really good post as I was working as a creative and marketing executive. It was an intern-level job and a good beginning in the field of Advertising.
My job was to create and design posters for the music events. On top of that I brought about key  strategies which I learned during college and from the books I read during my graduation. To be blunt, it didn’t work out well for me because I had no “on field” experience. I wouldn’t say it was a complete disaster but it proved to be good learning experience and this experience didn't help in my current position.

The good thing about the job was the social interactivity and meeting young talented musicians and people from different fields who had a common interest in the business and passion for music.

A passion for music, this attracted me and that’s why I didn’t regret working in this company. I quit my job during November 2009, when I realized that I am just living a dream and every dream turns into a nightmare eventually. I realized that your degree is a supplement to a social and monetary status. In today’s world an MBA has driven this world to switch into a different position, a position much higher than just a degree.

People look towards more than just a Post graduate and an MBA degree. I realized this a bit too late. I have always traveled this dark road alone without holding anyone’s hand. My parents are there to help me out, however they can, but I never did I cry out for help. Only in few extreme circumstances must have I asked for their help.

Many have had or has a godfather or a godmother to help them out or show him/her THE WAY.

I have also given certain entrance exams but they proved to be futile. It’s been almost a year since graduation. I’m still unemployed and a Graduated BMM student with less than a year’s work experience. It has been a really tough  and long road with shifting from Mumbai to Pune and vice versa in search for a reasonable job with good income and satisfactory condition.

I hope within the coming months I hope to pursue post graduation or work in a place where instead of slogging miserably work in a place where you find happiness because the pursuit of happiness is always internal and externally motivated, that’s what I have learned over the past few months.

Happiness is not to be pursued, it always there, right in front of you. You just have to remove the blindfold and see it.