Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Three Dogs

Here's another story of my life...

Lets make this a Fable...

Once Upon a time there were three dogs. These three dogs were best of friends but somehow they drifted away from each other. Their main goal in life was to search for the biggest bone in the world. And when they find that bone they would want to lick off that bone their entire lives. The three dogs were name were Scooby, Goofy and Spike.

Scooby and Goofy were college friends. They were together during the 1st yr of college. Like all friends it started off with just usual barks and and sniffs. These tow mutts became not just college buds but close friends since they had a common dream of forming a Pack and Ruling the World with their Bark and Bites.

Goofy was a thin short dog with funny eyes and had this weird bubbly eyed look. He kept Goofing off so that's why his name was Goofy. He was all bark and no bite. Then came along Spike who actually did his talking with his bite. He was a silent and had a reserved nature. He just wanted his bone and minded his own business.

Moving Forward..

These dogs had only one thing in mind and that was forming a pack and ruling the world. The wanted to be known as the "Self Confessed Freaks". Scooby decided that he would take care of the sniffing and Spike with his bites and Goofy would just wag his tail around them bitches. During that time they went through many K9 Wars and Fights and gained a lot of experience and were amazed how the pack played and were so popular !

They wanted to Become popular too!

Goofy thought it would be lame to tale them bitches so he would do all the Howling. Spike and Scooby had no choice and they just wanted to form a pack and live a life of a top do. The two dogs had taken up sniffing and barking training and were quiet regular and committed to their work. In the meantime then Goofy has some other great ideas. He was anyways like all bark and no bite. Goofy kept bragging about the pack and kept that dream alive. Scooby on the other paw didn't want to Live in a dream, he would wanna make that dream come true and Live in reality. Spike got bored of the waiting n decided to join another pack but since he joined the other pack his tail just wagged because them bitch who could sweetly howl and get his tail wagging. Them bitch was quiet a Pom! Well the conclusion is...

Goofy lived in a dream and wants other people to dream.
Scooby wanted his dream come true.
Spike's a Stupid Mutt. 

Thanks for wasting ten minutes of your life reading this stupid dog's story :)

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