Saturday, March 4, 2017

Storytelling by an Uncanny Inspiration

Hello Again,

There are some people in life that inspire you to become something, and there are some people in life that help you not become something. These people may stay in your life and may move out completely without saying Goodbye.

Either ways, its still a 'Life Lesson'.

My blogs have been a mirror reflection of my thoughts, some are true, some false and some, just a dream that never existed. A dream which is best remembered to be forgotten.

I started blogging almost a decade back... and most of them are written with just emotions mixed up, thoughts that are scattered like a shattered timepiece. You take one instance, a certain 'Time period' (timepiece), glue it with another time and make a story out of it. I think I've been a good storyteller, most of my stories being fiction and some of them being made through an experience.

When you mix these shattered timepieces you develop something which is profoundly surreal. In my defense, it was a work of fiction. Something that i made up because I am a good Storyteller.

But isn't that how Storytelling works?

In all these storytelling, there comes people who inspire you to write these works of fiction. Either you accept this, or you deny the very existence of inspiration. But you cannot... not by a long-shot.

Inspiration comes in all different forms. It can be people you come across, nature that you feel, a movie you just watched, a song you listened to, a video game you played...

But with all the inspiration, you have to embrace it. And when you do that... It's still incomplete. (to be contd... one day)

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