Saturday, March 18, 2017

Games and Imagination (Part 2)

In my mind:

[What a party! After such a long time... spending time with Family, meeting new people, dancing freely, singing bollywood songs, drinking with joy... last night was an amazing experience. Why can't every night be this way? Why can't I have this experience everyday? Well, if it's always that way, then it'll loose its flavor and eventually I'll get bored of it... But I hope every weekend begins like that or at least some part of it...]

9:00 am - Oh boy, What a hangover, My head hurts like crazy... but I gotta wake up... I've gotta do my shores, make some breakfast, clean my room, change the bed sheets... Urgh So many pending things... I don't have any ironed clothes for the coming week, gotta start ironing as soon as possible so that I can get to playing Final Fantasy XV. Today's the day for the New Timed Quest! I wonder which beast I gotta beat, how strong is the boss? How many points will get by playing this quest? Will I get some deadly weapon? Damn... I'm so excited! Gotta finish ironing first... but before that... It's bath time! 

10:30 am - Hmm... Breakfast... first meal of the day... just like Final Fantasy, before starting a new quest, you gotta get energized and stay revitalized. But the hangover still there, but not as much... No wonder they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gets rid of the hangover... and now that breakfast is over I'll start playing Final Fantasy... I gotta complete this game and I just can't wait to explore this huge open world. Oh wait... I gotta iron my clothes, clean my room, change my bed sheets... Argh!! So many things still pending.

12:00 pm - Finally, I've sparkled my room, looks new and fresh! The scented candles really helped, the new bed sheets feel so soft and now I feel like dozing off... But I don't want to! I wanna play Final Fantasy... I wanna get my character stronger and explore the world further. I read earlier about this secret dungeon and I'm curious about what I'll find. Before I can do that I need to iron my formals! Oh man time's running to so fast...

1:30 pm - Is it Lunch time already? I'm hungry now and I still haven't even started playing the game?! I think I'll just skip lunch. What the hell man?! My colleagues are here... asking me to join them for a drink. What do I say? 

5:00 pm - Well, this feels good, sitting with colleagues, listening to music. I just love listening to the classics and that's how we enjoy the evening. You just wanna listen to your favorite track. Music is an experience that makes you forget everything else and helps you relax. When you listen to your favorite music, the mind just adapts it as a part of the lyrics and you get to experience each and every beat. Your heart sings to the music, you mind experiences the the beats and this brings a sense of euphoria to oneself. Still,  I really wanna play my game. I wanna play Final Fantasy but I'm so high and I cannot figure out the buttons of my controller. I think I'll just doze off for a while but till I wanna play.  I'm so curious and eager to explore this fantasy world. To my my character and his comrades stronger and better. So many things in the way, it's such an annoyance. 

9:30 pm - Finally! I'm alone. I can start playing final fantasy. But now I'm hungry. I'll just order for something now... anyways till then I'll start with the game. 

It begins...

After all the patience, after all the hurdles and after all the drama, a gamer finally gets time to play what he/she wants. Games nowadays are massive, it involves a lot of data, it provides you with a lot of opportunities and there are so many things that you can explore. You enter a world where time just skips, and by the time you see a clock, it's already past midnight and then you realize that you've got work the next day. Somehow I choose to ignore the clock...

I enter a world where my imagination becomes my reality. I may be sitting in one place for hours and seem like not doing much, but my mind working continuously with the game and is part of that game. This is where I think of what's called a Matrix. Once you enter this world, it seems inevitable to get up, think anything beyond that because it's massive as i mentioned earlier.

How can I get lost into One Game?

I really don't know the exact answer to this but more or less it's the gaming experience that gets the gamer lost inside a game. I think its the same kind of experience when you feel when you listen to music. It's not just one or two music or tracks that you get lost into but instead there are many. Games like Final Fantasy is a collection of your favorite music, the more you explore and experience, it controls your world of imagination and decreases the space between real and unreal. Gaming is an experience, you cannot express through words... One has to play the game and feel it.  

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