Saturday, April 25, 2009

Closed Chapters

There was a friend,
How fast we blend,
So much Understanding,
So much trust,
Had it all come to rust,
Hey old friend,
Is this the end?

Smoking & Drinking,
Dancing & Boogieing,
Hogging & Riding,
Laughing & Crying,
We shared happiness together,
Thinking it would last forever & ever.

Close Chapters of my life,
Never found anything nice,
Ended up in strife,
Long term jealousy,
Lifetime of envy,
These are Close chapters of my Life.

Still Loving you,
Angel of darkness,
Goddess of my destruction,
Savior of my wounds,
Addicted to this poison,
That's my confession.

With her,
A Joyful tomorrow,
Never ending,
Pains of sorrows,
Numb forever,
Beauty of hers,
Mesmerizing and so tender,
Trusting her,
That's the only error.

Closed Chapters of my life,
Was there anything nice?
Ending with a bloody knife,
Gimme a second chance,
To fulfill this Romance,
But sweetheart,
These are Close chapters of my Life.


Rajashree said...

very touching, loved it.

Nick Mitra said...

Thanks Shree :)